Fusion Antibodies


Since 2001, Fusion Antibodies has been dedicated to the discovery and early development of antibodies to help bring about a positive change in the healthcare industry.

We understand what is important to you. At Fusion Antibodies we have designed a pipeline of services to accelerate your project into the clinic.

Our world class services, unrivalled expertise and commitment to clients make Fusion Antibodies your first choice for the development of antibodies for both therapeutic drug and diagnostic applications.

We offer a complete range of antibody-related services in Discovery, Engineering and Supply and have guided hundreds of projects through critical preclinical stages.

With multiple client antibodies in phase 1 and 2 trials we begin each project with the end in mind, to deliver the best possible antibodies.

We deliver a superior service for the development of antibodies by beginning each project with the end in mind. Our scientists are experts in early stage discovery of biologics.

We offer this personalised service because we know that investment at the early stages saves not only millions of dollars but also months, even years of time, on projects that go awry at later stages of development. 

Through our vast experience we have developed a number of our own proprietary platforms for Antibody Humanization (CRX™)Affinity Maturation (RAMP™) and Developability optimisation (ADD™)

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Festibval of Biologics


There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: three conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, Biosimilars and an exhibition featuring solutions for pharma and biotech.