Victor Greiff | Associate Professor, Department Of Immunology
The University of Oslo

Victor Greiff, Associate Professor, Department Of Immunology, The University of Oslo

Victor Greiff is an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo (Department of Immunology) since January 2018. His group develops machine learning, computational and experimental tools for analyzing antibody and T-cell repertoires to facilitate the in silico design of immune receptor-based immunodiagnostics and immunotherapeutics. He received his Ph.D. at Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany) in 2012 and conducted his postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Sai T. Reddy (ETH Zürich, Switzerland). He is currently co-lead of the AIRR-C Communications Sub-committee (since 2018) and is a member of AIRR-C Executive Sub-committee (since 2019).


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 16:50

Profiling the specificity of adaptive immune receptor repertoires

Festival of Biologics Day 2 @ 12:20

Machine-learning based antibody design

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