Steve Thorne | Chief Scientific Officer
Kalivir Immunotherapeutics

Steve Thorne, Chief Scientific Officer, Kalivir Immunotherapeutics

I have over 20 years of experience designing and developing different oncolytic viruses. This primarily includes pre-clinical and translational development but also early phase clinical testing. I have helped pioneer the use of these vectors alone, notably as immunotherapies and in combination with immune cell-based and antibody-based therapies.
I received my Undergraduate degree at Oxford University and my Ph.D. from Imperial College in London, before post-doc experience at Cancer Research UK and Stanford University. I was then faculty at the University of Pittsburgh for nine years. I have successfully acted as PI on several grant awards, both non-NIH funded and NIH funded and have over 100 publications in refereed journals.
I was involved in the founding of Jennerex (now part of Sillajen), as well as founding BioEclipse, Western Oncolytics and Kalivir. Several products developed in my laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh have been licensed by Western Oncolytics Inc, including one that is currently being developed in collaboration with Pfizer Inc. I joined Western Oncolytics as Chief Scientific Officer in 2016.


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 16:30

Viral Backbone and the design of Oncolytic Viral therapies for intravenous delivery

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