Patrick Bulau | Senior Principal Scientist
Roche Pharma

Patrick Bulau, Senior Principal Scientist, Roche Pharma

Patrick Bulau is principal scientist leading a team performing physico-chemical analyses with special focus on mass spectrometric technologies at Roche Pharma Technical Development in Penzberg, Germany. In addition to his responsibility for the analytics of drug substance development products he is also responsible for the extended characterization of marketed products and coordinator for the release of scientific publications at Roche Pharma in Germany. Patrick?s research areas include electrospray and laser-assisted mass spectrometry, multi-attribute testing of chemical and post-translational amino acid modifications, and structure-function relationships.


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 15:00

Using mass spectrometry for release testing in a quality control laboratory: points to consider for user-friendly data evaluation

last published: 30/Jun/22 09:37 GMT

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