Oliver Hill | Vice President, Drug Discovery, Protein Engineering
Apogenix AG

Oliver Hill, Vice President, Drug Discovery, Protein Engineering, Apogenix AG

Oliver Hill joined Apogenix in March 2006 and is leading the Drug Discovery Unit of the company. Apogenix’ main focus is the development of biotherapeutic drugs targeting the TNFR superfamily. Mr Hill is an expert for protein engineering, fusion proteins and recombinant antibody-formats. Prior to his position at Apogenix, he headed the protein expression and purification group at Graffinity Pharmaceutical Design GmbH (Heidelberg, Germany) from 1999 to 2006. At Graffinity he was responsible for delivering a broad spectrum of target proteins for screening on a chemical microarray platform. His work in former, academic R&D positions at the Lower Saxony Institute for Peptide Research (Hannover, Germany; 1992-1996) and the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology (Jena, Germany; 1997-1998) included gene hunting, protein engineering and the development of recombinant phage display technologies. Mr Hill studied biology at the University of Hannover where he also received his Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry in 1997.


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 14:00

Co-stimulatory single-chain TNFSF ligands as building blocks for bispecific fusion proteins

  • The engineering concept of scTNFSFligands in different bispecific formats will be presented
  • Immune-stimulatory scTNFSF-ligands can be combined with any antibody of interest in a bispecific drug compound
  • Examples demonstrating the biological activity of scCD40L or sc4-1BBL in combination with anti-PD-L1 will be shown
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT

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