Lindy Durrant | Professor Of Cancer Immunotherapy
University Of Nottingham

Lindy Durrant, Professor Of Cancer Immunotherapy, University Of Nottingham

Lindy is Professor of Cancer Immunotherapy at the University of Nottingham and CSO of Scancell Ltd. She has developed two vaccine platforms ImmunoBodyTM and ModitopeTM which induce potent killer CD8 T cells and and cytotoxic CD4 T cells to post-translational modifications respectively. The first ImmunoBodyTM, SCIB1, has completed a phase I/II clinical trial in which 14/16 patients with melanoma have been disease free for five years. The first product from the ModitopeTM platform will enter the clinic next year. She has developed a panel of mabs recognised tumour associated glycans and has pioneered an new antibody engineering technology which enhances the avidity of mabs,  termed Avidimabs. This has been applied to the anti-glycan mabs resulting in direct killing mabs. These mAbs are also good at drug delivery making strong ADCs with duocarmycin and PBD payloads. Lindy has over 150 peer reviewed publications and is also the inventor on 66 patents.


Festival of Biologics Day 2 @ 15:40

Homocitrullination of lysine residues mediated by MDSCs in the tumour environment makes an excellent target for cancer Immunotherapy

  • Homocitrullinationis the post-translational modification (PTM) of lysine by cyanate derived from MPO expressed by MDSC
  • We have shownhomocitrullinationcreates neo-epitopes that are excellent targets for T cell mediated anti-tumour immunity
  • In addition we show that a repertoire of T cells exists in humans capable of responding tohomocitrullinatedvimentin and aldolase peptides that would support the targeting ofhomocitrullinatedproteins for cancer therapy
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT
last published: 17/Sep/21 16:05 GMT

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