Dan Bach Kristensen | Principal Scientist

Dan Bach Kristensen, Principal Scientist, Symphogen

Dan Bach Kristensen holds a Ph.D. in biology and B.Sc. degree in chemistry. Dan is specialized in protein chemistry and mass spectrometry, which he initially applied in the field of proteome research in Japan and later in Denmark. For the last 15 years Dan has been working with analytical development and characterization during biopharmaceutical development, on projects ranging from early discovery through to product registration. Clinical indications have included bleeding disorders, neutropenia, autoimmune diseases and in particular oncology. Dan currently works as a Principal Scientist at Symphogen, which is specialized in the development of antibody mixtures for the treatment of cancers.


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 15:20

Challenges and Potential Solutions in MS-based Characterization Workflows - Case Studies from a Biopharmaceutical Development Lab

Characterization workflows using mass spectrometric detection and quantitation of biopharmaceutical quality attributes is used extensively in biopharmaceutical development and increasingly for cGMP testing. At Symphogen challenges are regularly observed with conventional MS-based characterization strategies, such as trypsin-based MAM workflows based on LC MS. Here, case studies highlighting challenges encountered during biopharmaceutical development, and potential solutions using alternative approaches, will be presented and discussed. 

last published: 30/Jun/22 09:37 GMT

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