Bjorn Frendeus | Chief Scientific Officer

Bjorn Frendeus, Chief Scientific Officer, BioInvent

Björn Frendéus is the CSO of BioInvent, a Swedish Biotech developing antibody-based treatments for cancer immunotherapy. Björn got his PhD studying innate immune responses to microbial infection. Over the past decades he has developed a strong interest in understanding the complex biology of antibodies in relation to their targets, and applying his knowledge to develop better antibody-based medicines. Björn’s team conceived and developed the F.I.R.S.T™ platform from which BioInvent’s current pipeline has emerged. This includes the Company’s proprietary clinical stage anti-FcgRIIB (BI-1206 and BI-1607) and anti-TNFR2 programs (BI-1808), BT-001 – a clinical stage oncovirally encoded Treg depleting anti-CTLA-4 program co-developed with French vaccine company Transgene, and F.I.R.S.T™ TAM that BioInvent recently partnered with Pfizer on to develop novel antibodies and targets to tumor-associated myeloid cells with the aim to overcome resistance in the tumor microenvironment. BioInvent is closely collaborating on several of its programs with the Cancer Sciences Division in Southampton, UK, where Björn is a visiting professor. Björn chairs the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)’s expert review committee on Infection Biology.

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