Adam Platt | VP & Head of Translational Science and Experimental Medicine

Adam Platt, VP & Head of Translational Science and Experimental Medicine, AstraZeneca

At AstraZeneca, Adam is VP heading up Translational Science and Experimental Medicine (TSEM) for Respiratory and Immunology (R&I), with teams in UK, Sweden and USA. Adam designed and launched this new organisation in March 2018, to enable translational science, including target identification, human target validation and precision medicine, across all phases of drug development, including phase 3 and lifecycle.

Previously as Global Head of Genomics Portfolio in AstraZeneca’s Centre for Genomics Research (CGR), Adam was a key member of the team that secured the $400 million investment to integrate genome sequence and clinical data from up to two million patients. Adam was central to the establishment of the initiative, securing 20+ academic and commercial partnerships to enable this unprecedented ambition and to transform AZ’s drug discovery and development.
As former Head of the R&I Companion Diagnostic Unit in Personalised Healthcare and Biomarkers, deliveries by Adam’s legacy team included a Point-of-Care serum uric acid meter to monitor the effectiveness of urate lowering therapies, representing AstraZeneca's first FDA 510(k) cleared Point-of-Care Diagnostic (Dx), the first AZ Dx beyond oncology and the first FDA use of ‘Home use by prescription’ category.
Adam received his PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Liverpool and undertook postdoctoral fellowships at Yale and Manchester universities, before embarking upon a Pharma career at Chiroscience, Celltech, UCB, Roche and most recently at AstraZeneca. He has co-published over 30 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, most recently in the New England Journal of Medicine and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. 


Festival of Biologics Day 3 @ 09:30

Enabling Precision Medicine In Respiratory and Immunology

  • New drug approvals for asthma, COPD and other common diseases remain low
  • Taking a Precision Medicine approach to find the Right Patient is part of the solution
  • By leveraging the worlds genomic data, exploiting large phenotyped cohorts and accessing target tissue non-invasively, we can change the target paradigm, linking the right target to right patient from the start
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