Achim Doerner | Principal Scientist
Merck KGaA

Achim Doerner, Principal Scientist, Merck KGaA

A biochemist by training, Achim has been working with bispecific antibodies or ADCs and technology development for their effective screening. In one flavour, screening of such and further complex NBEs is realized applying versatile microfluidics and in part in conjunction with mammalian libraries enabling rapid antibody hit discovery and optimization.


Festival of Biologics Day 2 @ 15:40

Combining mammalian libraries and microfluidics for versatile antibody hit discovery and optimization

PoC studies applying mammalian libraries for both antibody optimization (screening for manufacturability and selectivity) as well as microfluidics-assisted high throughput cellular binding or functional screening exemplify the versatility and powerful options when combining these two emerging technologies.

last published: 01/Jul/22 16:05 GMT

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