Ēvolvere Biosciences


Evolvere Biosciences is building a world where no-one is endangered by antibiotic resistance.

We’re an interdisciplinary team combining computational expertise, protein engineering, and evolutionary biology, working to transform how we treat bacterial infections. And we want to share some of the tools we develop, to equip and inspire other problem solvers like us.

The problem

Drug resistant infections are undermining modern medicine. In 2019 alone, more than a million people died from infections that should have been treatable. Not only are current antibiotics ineffective, they also lead to acute and chronic side effects as a result of toxicity to human cells and disruptions to the gut microbiome. The era of antibiotics is coming to an end.

The solution

We’ve found a new way to kill bacteria, and we’re using it to reshape the foundation of medicine. Our specifically targetted antibacterials are difficult to become resistant to, have minimal side effects, and superior single dose pharmacokinetics.

We’re creating a platform for rapid, low-cost generation of our new antibacterials, using wet lab and deep learning techniques to develop and assess proteins, before producing and testing them. We’re using 21st century technology, with 21st century safety, to treat all bacterial infections for everyone forever.