TRI Thinking Research Instruments GmbH


The name says it all at Thinking Research Intruments (TRI): The company develops research instruments that follow a simple but ambitious vision: To “think along” with the researcher. To be a reliable partner, an extension to his skill set, rather than just a lifeless tool.

Founded in 2019 in Hamburg, Germany by Bruno Chilian, a microscopy enthusiast with years of image analysis experience in the biotech industry and Johannes Bauer, a specialist for Data Science and Machine Learning with extensive background in software development, TRI has developed two products that aspire to fulfill the company’s vision in different ways: 

VAIDR is an integrated system for label-free imaging and user friendly, AI-based analysis. VAIDR can be trained with little effort specifically on the user’s cellular models. This unique feature allows for the efficient creation of highly specific, robust and accurate assays – without the need for any previous knowledge in Data Science or Machine Learning methods. It thus brings high-throughput automated imaging and powerful, state-of-the-art analysis capabilities directly into the hands of the biologist. 

The second product, SAIBR, is an clip-on bioreactor imager which images directly through the bioreactor wall and analyzes cell aggregates in real-time using AI.