T-Oncology AG is a pre-clinical stage oncology biotechnology company based in Steinhausen, Switzerland. The company was founded in 2022 with a vision of addressing unmet patient needs in cancer treatment. T-Oncology AG is leading the development and commercialization of next generation, small domain antibodies breakthrough targets. The TechnoBodies are designed to selectively bind to cancer metastasis in the brain and deliver cytotoxic agents, creating a smart and effective way of destroying the cells.  
At T-Oncology we are driven by the vision improving patients´ lifes and helping caregivers to have options in the treatment of cancer. We are working from a proprietary development platform to select small domain antibody fragments to develop drug conjugates to aim at well-known targets (HER2+), but also new ones. (Please inquire for more details) 
We will not give up, for you to have an option and hope!