Stratosvir Limited


Viral immunotherapy of cancer has a dual Mechanism Of Action: release of tumour antigens in an agnostic manner through virus-induced cell lysis combined with intratumoural delivery of therapeutic payloads that modify the tumour microenvironment (tumour gene therapy). However, this technology is held back by two key constraints: (i) immune clearance in the bloodstream leading to poor IV delivery, and (ii) inability to re-dose the therapeutic virus due to neutralising anitibody induction following the first treatment cycle.
Stratosvir is a startup biotech based in Stevenage (UK) developing a viral immunotherapy platform that is engineered to allow systemic delivery and compatible with re-dosing strategies. This results in high intra-tumoural concentrations of the cancer-killing virus and the medicinal payloads it produces to uniquely reprogramme the tumour micro-environment and induce the immune system to attack and destroy cancer.