Sonidel Ltd


SONIDEL Limited specialises in the manufacture and provision of devices and consumables for the pre-clinical research and pharmaceutical markets.
Our ECFG21 electro-cell fusion range is optimised for Hybridoma Production of Monoclonal Antibodies delivering an efficiency 25-100 times greater than PEG.  Small and large volume electrode options are available.  Unlike competing devices, the ECFG21 does not require the purchase of expensive fusion buffers.  Apart from Hybridoma Production, the ECFG21 is used successfully for: Tetraploid Cell Fusion, Liposome Droplet Fusion and Electrofusion of E. coli provacuoles with large volume electrodes
Our MPP (Micro Pick and Place System) makes it possible to transfer micro targets such as single cells one-by-one from one location to another location (glass/well plate to Plate/PCR strip/tube) while continuously observing the target with a microscope. Z-axis movement is automated to speed up effort and significantly reduce working and handling times.  The system is based on a PicoPipet that includes a small electro-osmotic pump. The system can be operated intuitively and does not require speciality knowledge nor training.  All team members can now easily control suction/hold/discharge of ultra-small volumes (in picoliter range).
Our NEPA21 range of devices represents the latest in cutting-edge electroporation technology.  The NEPA21 has been optimised for the full range of In Vitro applications (both Adherent and Suspension) and the full range of In Vivo applications (In Ovo, In Utero, and Ex Vivo).  The NEPA21’s In Vivo application range is further enhanced with a suite of over 250 difference electrode configurations. 
The NEPA21 device is currently the only device on the market that delivers a 4-Step Multiple (perfect square-wave) Pulse protocol that can be programmed with voltage decay and polarity exchange AND can monitor and measure the energy delivered to the target in real-time.  The unique NEPA21 multiple electroporation pulse makes it possible to achieve HIGH transfection efficiency and HIGH viability without special buffers.  Cost per electroporation is significantly less that with other systems.  Popular recent applications include: Genome CRISPR/Cas9 Editing, Organoid electroporation, Transgenic Mouse Model Zygote electroporation (without the need for microinjection) and CAR-T electroporation.



Festibval of Biologics


There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: three conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, Biosimilars and an exhibition featuring solutions for pharma and biotech.