seromyx Systems

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At Seromyx Systems we harness the power of cutting-edge technology, including high-throughput cell and bead-based assays coupled with machine learning computational analysis, to measure and understand the intricate functions of antibodies in the immune system.

Our platform, developed by leading experts from the Ragon Institute with Harvard, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital, empowers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to design future monoclonal and immunotherapies with unmatched precision. By deciphering the complex interactions between antibodies and innate immune cells, we identify the key functions driving efficacy in immune responses.

Through our comprehensive analysis, we help our clients unlock critical insights, determining the most effective combinations of antibody functions to combat pathogens, infected cells, or tumor cells. Our mission is to revolutionize the field of serology and drive the development of tailored monoclonal and immunotherapies that save lives and improve global health.

SeromYx is certified as compliant with GCLP and can be applied in drug discovery to enable the proper assessment of candidates and for the IND-enabling measurement of in vitro mAb effector activity.