Preclinics Italia


Preclinics Italia is a Start Up founded out of a succesfull collaboration between Preclinics GmbH and University of Parma.
Thanks to her expertises the CEO of Preclinics Italia, PhD Valentina Garrapa, and her team established the preclinics service in Italy and a phage display laboratory with which, the Company, was able to become a reliable specialist in the field of recombinant antibody selection, production and purification, especially variable domains of camelid antibodies (VHH) and their derivatives.

Our forte is the capacity to produce nanobody for biomedical diagnostic and research application.
Thanks to our knowledge and expericence we can make ingeneered nanobody coniugated with near infrared fluorescent protein (NIR-FPs), horseradish peroxides (HPS) and Immunoglobulin G FC domains.

For our services we always look for a tight collaboration with our customers in order to meet all the their needs and requires in a talored way.
Preclinics Italia s.r.l. is located at the Tecnopolo at University campus of Parma in a young and innovative environment, get in touch!!!