PiNa-Tec Katja Werner is a sole entrepreneurship bio nanotechnology Start-up from Hamburg, Germany. Katja Werner is trained in biochemistry and drug research. With more than 20-year experience on protein science and nanoparticle engineering she left academia and industry in 2019 to initiate PiNa-Tec at the research campus DESY. Here she focusses on the development of customer-oriented reagents. PiNa-Tec’s first product line PIA-PINK is the easiest to use immunoassay reagent. PIA-PINK colorizes any murine or rabbit derived primary antibodies, thus target binding becomes visible. PIA Immunoassays are rapid, HTS capable, flexible, comfortable, easy, robust, accurate, qualitative and quantitative. PIA-PINK-COMFORT is suitable for comfortable, washing-free western blot applications. PIA-PINK SPEED is made for high-speed dot-blot applications especially in biotechnological process optimization. Within minutes the target protein fraction is identified. Streamlining the process accordingly saves development costs significantly. PIA-guided process optimization is an innovative and sustainable way to gain speed process development and reduce effort in downstream processing. PiNa-Tec received several awards (Darboven Idee Förderpreis 2019; GHP International Life Science Award “Best Bio-Nanotechnology Manufacturer 2021”; CorporateLive Wire Global Award Bio-Nanotechnology Specialist of the Year- Germany in 2021/22 and 2022/23). PiNa-Tec successfully applied for WIPANO funding and InnoRamp Up sponsorship in 2020.