NovoArc uses a patented technology for the production of unique lipids. We successfully developed a production process for tetraether lipids according to QbD guidelines yielding lipids at high quality and quantity for the pharmaceutical industry. The two main application potentials for NovoArc’s lipids are oral delivery of small molecules and proteins and parenteral delivery of nucleic acids.

NovoArc’s liposomes have three major benefits for the oral delivery of APIs: (i) the cargo is protected against degradation in the stomach, (ii) stable long-term formulations and thus increased shelf life at room temperature is possible and (iii) the bioavailability of the drug after oral administration is significantly increased.

For the parenteral delivery of nucleic acids NovoArc’s Lipid Nano-particles (LNPs) were tested in invitro studies and showed a significantly higher transfection efficiency (factor > 10x).

NovoArc is a research driven deep tech Spin-off that continuously strives for innovation and novel products. We offer lipids and feasibility studies and we are open for collaborations.