InVivo Cloud's AI platform provides life science companies with a more efficient and effective way to monitor and analyze rodent behavior, providing valuable information for drug discovery and development. The platform's ability to continuously monitor behavior 24/7 and to convert mouse life to digital form provides a more complete picture of the drug's effects on behavior and can help pharmaceutical companies make informed decisions about the safety and efficacy of new drugs or therapies. Overall, long-term research on rodent behavior is essential for the development of safe and effective drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. The Invivo Cloud team is composed of experts in the fields of neuroscience, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence. The team includes both scientists and engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in these areas. This combination of skills and expertise allows the team to develop innovative and effective solutions for pre-clinical studies and drug discovery. The team's deep understanding of neuroscience and the ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, into their work makes Invivo Cloud a leader in the rodent behavior research field and a valuable asset for life science companies. With a talented and dedicated team, Invivo Cloud is poised to continue making important contributions to the advancement of pre-clinical studies and drug discovery.