inSeit AG


inSEIT AG is a start-up from the University of Bern, based on the development and application of new immobilized biocatalysts. Our company has its sole focus on the development, optimization and application of immobilized catalyst for the production of chiral building blocks as well as late-stage functionalization. Through a multidisciplinary approach and with an expert team with more than 15 years’ experience in biocatalysis and the chemical industry, we make sure that our clients have scalable, reliable and state of the art solutions for their synthetic needs.

We have a proprietary bioinformatic workflow that, combined with machine learning algorithms allows us to take a rational and predictable approach towards the development of tailored biocatalysts, reducing the risk, time and cost of the operations. We also have developed an extended catalogue of immobilized enzymes, readily available at the gram scale, to ease their incorporation into the chemical industry