InnoFluidics is a young spin-off with a strong background in microfluidic device development and microfabrication. We are developing a new generation label-free flow cytometer, which is built on our proprietary microfluidic device technology. We provide high sensitivity multiparameter measurements with no labeling, no optics, and samples remain intact before and after the measurement. InnoFluidics primarily aims for improving the accuracy and the quality of bioprocess monitoring by enabling direct measurements of biophysical properties of the cells in question, rather than monitoring the changes in the surrounding medium for indirect information. BioPharma companies that are developing bioproduction lines for vaccines, cell lines, etc., as well as active in drug delivery will benefit from fast and accurate measurements for offline -in the future on-line- multiparameter data collection in a single run with the InnoFluidics system. We are also open to possibilities in any application field that could benefit from our technology.