INDICRO was formed in May 2023 in response to a need for more bespoke support for Pharma and Biotech start up companies. Small/start up Pharma/Biotech companies often don’t know where to start in finding specialist support and strategic advice for developing their products. INDICRO provides a digital hub to directly connect freelancers, small consultancies and small vendors with start-up companies who need resource for developing their products. Freelancers have the opportunity to directly engage with potential clients, have more control over their contracts, and be matched with the perfect role to suit their expertise. They gain recognition for their skills and expertise by building a profile making them visible and accessible to potential clients. They receive personal and professional growth opportunities and they have access to other freelancers for networking and sharing best practice. Start-up companies have direct access to experts in their field - freelancers, small consultancies and small vendors for a one-stop and cost effective solution for all their development needs. Small consultancies and vendors have direct exposure to companies who need their bespoke services. INDICRO believes all stakeholders in the start-up development community should have the opportunity to access, connect and collaborate with each other for the growth of all.