Incircular’s unique INCYPRO technology delivers highly stabilized proteins and protein complexes that have greatly prolonged activities and reduced aggregation tendencies. Because the INCYPRO technology is based on rational, structure-based engineering in combination with chemical modification using unique INCYPRO crosslinkers, the approach allows the specific stabilization of the natural and active conformation of proteins or protein complexes. Incircular has successfully applied the technology to various different proteins, achieving up to 30 °C increase in melting temperatures and prolonged activities of up to 25 days. For biocatalysts used in industrial biotech, INCYPRO-stabilized enzymes additionally show higher tolerance towards increased temperature, buffer variations and chemical additives (e.g. cosolvents, chaotropic agents). For pharmaceutical or diagnostic applications, INCYPRO can additionally improve homogeneity and prolong half-life. Based in Amsterdam, Incircular started in 2021 as a university spin-off. Our team of co-inventors, scientists and business developers are highly innovation-driven and focused on growing partnership opportunities. Incircular’s mission is to unlock the full potential of protein-based tools, products, and therapeutics to drive innovation in diverse industries. We are committed to developing protein solutions that contribute to novel or improved treatment options, sustainable practices, and more efficient processes.