Immundnz Ltd


Immundnz is a specialist CRO providing customised and experimental immunology services using in vitro and ex vivo human cell models for drug discovery. Key areas that we focus on are the assessment of immune risk, immune safety, immunotoxicity and the understanding of the effect of novel drug compounds on the immune system.

Our scientist are experienced and specialised in immune modelling and providing customised solutions to answer immunology-related questions from the (bio)pharmaceutical industry. Compounds that we study range from small molecules, peptides, proteins, antibodies and mRNA to nanomedicines in areas like immune-oncology, infectious diseases, auto-immunity and novel vaccine development.

We have a fully equipped in vitro immunology lab at Alderley Park, UK. In addition to being able to offer all our assays and models with primary cells, our company has developed human cell line-based assays. These assays have unique properties, by being adaptive, consistent, reproducible and cost effective. Additionally, our human cell line-based assays enable mechanistic and drug screening studies. Assays that we offer are a.o. macrophage polarisation, cytokine release, mixed lymphocyte reaction, T cell activation and differentiation, dendritic cell maturation, ADCP, ADCC and NK cell actication. All assays can be customised to fit the requirements of the client.