Green Elephant Biotech


Founded by Felix Wollenhaupt and Dr. Joel Eichmann, the team tackles the environmental burden of non-renewable plastic ubiquity in research and biopharmaceuticals by innovatively using the plant- based polymer Polylactic Acid (PLA) to produce sustainable solutions for adherent cell cultivation and bioprocessing.

GEB’s first product, the CellScrew, is a novel, single-use, PLA flask for adherent cell expansion in upstream bioprocessing. The structural features give rise to high growth area to volume ratio, ease of handling and extensive scalability potential. The CellScrew provides low-shear mixing and highly oxygenated, efficient cell expansion conditions for mass adherent cell attachment with limited additional process development necessary for scale-up.

By merging sustainability and production efficiency, GEB continues to strive towards technical innovations that transform bioprocessing for life-changing advanced cell-based therapeutics and biopharmaceutical solutions. To discover more about GEB, visit the website –