goodBot UG


We are a life-science robotics startup based in Freiburg (Germany) that transforms biomedical research work. Pipetting is the # 1 task in labs and is still performed manually in the majority of cases. With our vision to simplify scientific discoveries and thereby amplifying their impact on the world, we have developed goodBot as the first agile pipetting assistant designed specifically for researchers' needs! Our fully-fledged robot 

- is an affordable automation solution for standardized processes,

- is flexibly integrable into confined spaces in every workplace,

- improves reproducibility of results and

- saves scientists‘ time for research, publications & science to improve total output. 

Our robot's ease-of-use make it ideal to strengthen automation in e.g. virology, cancer or stem-cell research, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. goodBot significantly reduces the experiment preparation time through our innovative software while keeping the complexity for scientists low. Join us on our journey to make scientific discoveries easier that truly help people!