Fusix Biotech


Fusix Biotech is a spin-out from the Technical University of Munich that aims to develop and commercialize a proprietary “best-in-class” oncolytic virus-based immunotherapy platform to treat cancer patients across multiple solid tumor types. Their hybrid oncolytic virus technology offers a unique mechanism of action, which effectively destroys tumor cells and reprograms the tumor microenvironment to shift it from an immune-suppressive to an immune-stimulatory milieu. By modulating the immune evasion mechanisms in the tumor, the Fusix technology can sensitize resistant solid tumors to licensed immunotherapies, leading to unparalleled synergistic effects. Based upon nearly two decades of research in the OV space, the Fusix Biotech founders have developed a completely novel and superior OV construct, named FUB101, which combines the most beneficial aspects of two strategically selected OV vectors in order to achieve maximal efficacy and safety, while addressing all of the existing limitations in the field. Fusix Biotech is developing FUB101 as the lead candidate and the basis of their novel and versatile immune oncology platform to reach a broad range of solid cancer patients and offer them new hope for curative treatments. With its pipeline of oncolytic virus-based immunotherapies, the Fusix platform is a disruptive technology that will revolutionize immune-oncology.