East Ocyon Bio


East Ocyon Bio is an Indian Start-up focused on bringing Allogeneic Cell Therapy for Indian patients. Our vision is to launch the most advanced, scalable (allogeneic) and cost effective Cell Therapy cancer cure for patients in India and rest of the World. India is one of the most price sensitive markets in the world. Any therapy which costs more than 50,000 USD for an injection is unlikely to have mass adoption and viable business model. Our technology platform which is off-the-shelf and scalable will allow us to commercialize the products in India at significant less price than autologous therapy; which will make it acceptable to the insurance companies and out-of-the-pocket alike; giving better opportunity at significant market share.

Our Research Work is ongoing at the top Govt. Incubator Facility of India, Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Delhi NCR. This keeps our initial R&D investments very low and also give us access to various grants and loans of Dept of Biotechnology and Dept of Science and Technology. We are already generating Proof-of-concept data with global quality documentation with the help of right set of Scientific Advisors, Molecular Biologists, Cell Culture Scientists and Quality Assurance experts. We want to move quickly to clinical trials as that would be a significant milestone in our journey and a key value generator for investors. As we need a GMP facility for taking the product to Clinical Trials, we want to establish a small clinical scale GMP facility as soon as possible. As the facility construction and readiness work takes 15-18 months, we want to start this immediately so that we can synchronize the research work with facility readiness and avoid any delay in the clinical trials. 

The Manufacturing facility we intend to set up will be key to early revenue generation (within 2 years) for us by way of working with partners for technology transfer, process development, and clinical trial batches. Our pipeline will start entering clinical trials as soon as the facility is ready and we will be ready for launch of the products by 2027-28. 

We’re looking for potential partners who are interested to partner for technology for India and ROW markets or invest in Indian CGT space. The proposed model provides immense advantage to investors:

  1. First mover advantage in the Allogeneic cell & gene therapy space
  2. Clear path forward for early revenue (within 2 years) 
  3. Long term valuation gain with key milestones such as facility set up, clinical trials initiation & completion, product launches 
  4. Ideally placed to explore global partnerships to bring most advanced technologies from around the world to India at the same time as US and Europe
  5. Benefit from Govt grants and soft loans likely as the Govt has clear focus on promoting innovation in Healthcare & Biotechnology – we have applied for 3 MM USD soft loan @2% for which the repayment will start after 5 years
  6. We are raising funds for a globally compliant GMP Manufacturing Facility which will help us fast track our research work into animal and human clinical trials