CryoLogyx is accelerating biotech and life science research and drug candidate screening. Spun out of the renowned University of Warwick, CryoLogyx designs, develops and manufactures cryopreserved, pre-plated cell-based assay products. With our products you can unlock new possibilities in R&D and streamline your drug discovery process. Our advanced technology allows for convenient access to a diverse range of standardized cell-based assays, which have been carefully cryopreserved using our proprietary process for optimal performance. By providing ready-to-use, pre-plated cells, we empower you to save time, reduce costs and plastic waste, and maximize efficiency in your experiments. At CryoLogyx, we understand the importance of speed, accuracy and reproducibility in scientific research. That's why our meticulously designed product enables a 90% reduction in prep time while ensuring consistency and reliability, allowing you to rapidly obtain reliable data and make informed decisions. Whether you're working on early-stage drug development or exploring novel therapeutic targets, CryoLogyx can help you simplify and accelerate your research and breakthrough discoveries.