BioClonal is a cutting-edge biotechnology company based in Zaragoza, specializing in the rational discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies. Our proprietary RedMabs platform overcomes technological barriers in immunization, enabling the creation of drugs for complex and undruggable diseases. Our state-of-the-art facilities span 1,000 m², including advanced chemical and cell culture laboratories. Our team consists of high-level scientists with backgrounds in immunology and biochemistry. The RedMabs platform makes a significant difference in immunization by developing custom adjuvants and immunomodulators for each antigen. This approach awakens the immune response in mice and rats, enhances the number of lineages in murine models, directs immunodominance, and allows us to obtain sequences against antigens highly homologous between murine and human species. BioClonal offers its advanced technology to the biotechnology ecosystem through service agreements and co-development partnerships, driving forward the potential for groundbreaking diagnostics and therapies.