Alithea Genomics SA


Alithea Genomics is a global leader in sample and library prep solutions for large-scale RNA sequencing.

Thanks to DRUG-seq and our proprietary Bulk RNA Barcoding and sequencing technology (BRB-seq), we drastically simplify the preparation of large numbers of bulk RNA-seq libraries. Up to 384 RNA samples can be pooled and processed together in one single tube from the very beginning of the workflow - i.e. as opposed to standard Illumina multiplexing, which occurs only after library amplification.

Our flagship products are the RNA-extraction-free DRUG-seq and Organoid DRUG-seq systems, which are specifically tailored to early drug discovery efforts, as well as BRB-seq, which provides the same data quality as Illumina's Truseq, but 100x more scalable and for 1/10th of the price.