Alithea Bio


Alithea Bio that was founded in 2019 in Freiurg im Breisgau is a leader in the precise analysis of HLA-presented peptides, the targets of TCR T cells and TCR-mimic antibodies. To support the development of effective and safe drugs, Alithea has compiled a database of HLA peptide analyses with >3600 measurements from healthy organs, tumor cell lines and primary tumor tissues. Peptides can be quantified over all the samples and facilitate target discovery, validation and on- and off-target toxicity prediction. The database is cloud-accessible to partners and allows interrogating the data in a number of ways to better understand the large amount of data. Alithea has further established a pipeline of novel targets available for out-licensing from the database.   
Alithea’s USP is therefore: highly sensitive assay for absolute quantification of HLA-peptide targets, its unique database, HLA-peptide binding predictors for all of the HLA alleles covered in the database, machine learning tools for off-target toxicity prediction and the vision to translate the knowledge clinically by guiding clinical study design to move quickly to market authorization.