ActiTrexx GmbH


ActiTrexx is a pre-clinical phase drug development company developing a platform of cellular and biologic therapies for overshooting T-cell mediated autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases with high unmet medical need. Autoimmune diseases, auto-inflammatory diseases and allergies are associated with overshooting T-cell mediated immune reactions. Among these diseases, GvHD has a high unmet medical need with only 45% 3-yr-survival rate and with extremely high costs of treatment. This serious and frequent side effect that affects every second transplanted patient is a major hurdle to make more patients eligible for stem cell transplantation. ActiTrexx products activate regulatory T cells to target the root-cause of overshooting T cell immune response and thereby decrease the need for immunosuppressants. With our lead cellular product Actileucel our goal is to prevent GvHD at an early stage and to provide a curative therapy with few side effects for patients with blood stem cell transplantation for the first time. Actileucel is a safe and efficient treatment option and has the potential to solve current risks and limitations inherent with stem cell transplantation. Actileucel will be the first unmatched cell therapy from a 3rd party donor, offering 24h readiness and highly competitive pricing. Following Actileucel, we will further develop our unique technology platform and our range of products.