European Antibody Congress

European Antibody Congress



Protein engineering & R&D

  • Engineering antibody formats 
  • Display of biologics
  • Antibody screening and analytics

Bispecific Discovery

  • Bispecific combinations 
  • New technology and armed bispecificspecifics

Armed antibody development

  • ADCs and armed antibodies in preclinical and clinical development

AI in antibody discovery

  • AI and image analytics to develop new uses for pre-existing antibodies

Platform technology showcase

  • Antibody characterisation 
  • Antibody manufacture

Bispecifics development

  • Bispecific preclinical and clinical development
  • Case studies and trials


  • Updates on mAb discovery and development
  • Antibody engineering and optimising expression

Armed antibodies discovery

  • ADC and loaded antibodies 
  • Payload discovery
  • Linker technology

Novel targets and biomarker discovery

  • Early stage biomarker discovery
  • Target development
  • New biomarker development

New technological advancements

  • Optimising expression and purification technologies 
  • New screening and analytical technologies

Investment and regulation

  • Investor panel
  • Regulatory updates
  • Antibody naming


There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: five conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, BioSimilars, Clinical Trials and an exhibition featuring solutions for pharma and biotech.

There is a registration fee to attend the conferences. To visit the exhibition is free.