Bioelectronica Holdings

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Founded by a number of global scientists in the fields of microfluidics, optics, and automation, Bioelectronica Holdings is a company specializing in the development of single-cell/single-bacteria tools. The HypercellⓇ product developed by the company can complete hundreds of thousands of single-cell screening experiments within 2 hours. Meanwhile, advanced algorithm software has been developed to realize accurate prediction of antibody sequence function, which significantly shortens and reduces the cycle and cost of antibody screening and subsequent function verification. In addition, the SmartcultureTM single-cell screening platform will be launched in the market soon.

Hypercell® is a high - throughput cell analysis and sorting platform that enables researchers to analyze and sort cells that are secreting proteins of interest quickly and at an affordable price. Our platform meets today’s high throughput demands, combined with a high degree of automation to minimize operator input, creating more time for innovation and discovery.