Norbert Furtmann | Head of Computational and High-Throughput Protein Engineering

Norbert Furtmann, Head of Computational and High-Throughput Protein Engineering, Sanofi

Upon finishing his studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Norbert pursued his interdisciplinary PhD thesis in Computational Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Bonn focusing on computer-aided design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of protease inhibitors. After starting his professional career at Merck KGaA as Principal Scientist, Norbert joined Sanofi in 2016 as Lab Head for Bioinformatics within the Biologics Research department. Currently Norbert is heading  the Data Science & Computational Design group to support the discovery of next generation protein therapeutics.


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 14:20

From Data to Predictions: Computational Optimization of Multi-specific Protein Therapeutics

last published: 28/Feb/24 11:25 GMT

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