Mark Cobbold | Associate Professor
Harvard Medical School

Mark Cobbold, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Mark Cobbold research focus relates to cancer antigenicity and modulating cancer antigen expression to correct the mismatch between antigenic display and TCR repertoire.  One approach has been to deliver immunodominant viral peptides to tumor cells using antibodies as delivery agents.  Another approach is to engineer antibodies to directly activate T-cells through cooperative binding and activation.
Dr. Cobbold undertook his early clinical training at the University of Edinburgh, Ph.D. at the University of Birmingham in cellular immunotherapy and post-doctoral training at the University of Virginia, identifying modified MHC class-I bound tumor antigens and later exploring immunity against these antigens in both healthy individuals and patients with cancer. Most recently he has developed antibody circuits that allow antibody fragments to activate cells using Boolean logic. Dr. Cobbold is passionate about translational medicine and is a scientific co-founder of several companies including SeraScience, PhosImmune, Revitope Oncology, Zellecta, and Gritstone Oncology.


Clinical Trials Conference Day 2 @ 09:20

The use of predictive algorithms to identify markers in tumors

Clinical Trials Conference Day 2 @ 09:40

Panel discussion: what’s slowing down uptake of technology?

last published: 14/Feb/19 11:15 GMT

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