Kamal Puri | CSO

Kamal Puri, CSO, OncoResponse

Kamal Puri is the Chief Scientific Officer at OncoResponse Inc. He has over 25 years of R&D experience in immunology, oncology, and neurobiology. Kamal joined OncoResponse from Celgene, where he led efforts for immunology discovery. Prior to Celgene, he was at Gilead and contributed to the approval of Zydelig™ for the treatment of hematological malignancies, and directed research efforts on multiple discovery projects in inflammation and Oncology. Prior to Gilead, Kamal was Head of Research at Calistoga Pharma, where he was responsible for a wide range of activities with success in advancing several drug candidates into clinical development for multiple indications. Kamal was trained with Prof. Timothy Springer at Harvard University


Festival of Biologics Day 1 @ 11:30

Immunotherapy Roundtables

Overcoming the tumour microenvironment for effective immunotherapy

Festival of Biologics Day 2 @ 12:00

Targeting myeloid cells to overcome resistance to checkpoint inhibitor therapy

  • Using the human immune system to identify antibodies that modulate the tumor microenvironment
  • Development of OR2805, a clinical stage anti-CD163 antibody derived from an Elite Responder to checkpoint inhibitor therapy that relieves immunosuppression caused by macrophages
  • Discovery of anti-LILRB2/ILT4 lead antibody OR502 that rescue T cells from macrophage-mediated suppression
  • last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT
    last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT

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