Kalyan Pande | Associate Principal Scientist

Kalyan Pande, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck

Kalyan Pande obtained his PhD at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and conducted postdoctoral research at DNAX Inc. and at the University of California, San Francisco. He currently leads the Biologics Engineering and Exploration group at Merck South San Francisco. His team applies protein engineering technologies in the identification and validation of protein-based therapeutics across different therapeutic areas.  


Festival of Biologics Day 2 @ 12:40

Discovery and Multimerization of Cross-Reactive Single-Domain Antibodies Targeting Coronavirus Spike Protein for Enhanced Potency

  1. Identification of broadly cross-reactive single domain antibodies targeting SARS-like viruses
  2. Engineering of single domain antibodies targeting different epitopes into multi-valent format enhances potency
  3. Hexamerization of anti-SARS CoV antibodies for enhanced neutralization potency
last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT
last published: 31/Jan/23 09:55 GMT

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