Orbits Oncology


Orbits Oncology is an organization that empowers cancer research through advanced organoid analysis. They focus on bridging the gap between early research and patients, providing researchers with an advanced analysis platform. This platform is designed to transform patient-derived organoid (PDO) data into digital surrogates that can predict drug responses, thus potentially streamlining the transition from research to clinical applications.  

The company has developed software that uses computer vision to track cells without the need for cell-tracking dyes, and powered by artificial intelligence, making it adaptable to various research needs. Orbits Oncology's platform is designed to automate the workflow associated with screening, reducing the monotony and potential for error in these processes. Users can upload their microscope images to the platform, which then compresses the images, runs the analysis, and generates graphs and tables that are ready for interpretation.  

Furthermore, Orbits Oncology offers services that support industrial partners in accelerating the drug development process. Building tools to facilitate tasks from lead identification to lead optimization. These services and tools offered could be critical for researchers looking to translate their findings into therapeutic interventions more efficiently and effectively, thereby impacting the field of personalized medicine and cancer treatment.