Omnia Biosystems


Omnia Biosystems® is a precision medicine company providing pharmaceutical and clinical researchers an AI platform with disease models for superior precision medicine insights. Our tagline, "Patient Specific, AI-enabled, Biomarker Driven," encapsulates our commitment to leveraging AI and multi-omics data to unlock deep patient-specific biological insights.

Our proprietary foundation models are developed on unique multi-modal biomedical datasets spanning genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and clinical data. This allows us to build comprehensive models mapping complex molecular disease mechanisms. Our platform offers on-demand disease models for tumour associated and tumour specific antigens, with plans to expand model offerings over time.

Led by a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in AI/ML, multi-omics, and molecular medicine, Omnia helps researchers to understand diseases like never before. By combining AI and biomedical patient data at scale, we offer superior insights into the patient-specific molecular factors driving diseases. This enables researchers to stratify patients, identify predictive biomarkers, uncover novel therapeutic targets, and advance therapeutic development. We are committed to continuous innovation to translate complex data into actionable insights by integrating novel datasets to allow continuous enhancement of models.