MabSwitch Inc


Mabswitch Inc, based in San Carlos, CA, is a leading biotechnology firm specializing in the development of regulatable immunotherapies based on the groundbreaking invention of affinity switches for antibodies. Our mission is to revolutionize the field of immunotherapy by providing precise and adaptable solutions for targeted disease treatment. Leveraging our proprietary Universal Allosteric-Linker and Switch Module for Antibodies (UNASMATM) technology, our regulatable immunotherapies modulate immune cell effector functions, enhancing efficacy while minimizing side effects.

Our innovative pipeline addresses unmet medical needs in oncology, autoimmune disorders, and chronic infectious diseases, driven by our interdisciplinary team of seasoned scientists and industry leaders.

Our lead program is a switchable affinity CAR (SaefCAR) T-cell therapy funded by the National Cancer Institute. Our SaefCAR T-Cell therapies will address several of the challenges of existing CAR-T cell therapies by allowing to mitigate both overshooting toxicities and loss of efficacy, and offers the added benefits of fast response/onset-of-action, reversibility, minimal immunogenicity, and broad applicability to scFv-based CAR-T cell therapeutics.