MabDesign is an association that aims to structure, federate, mobilize and support the development of the industrial sector in the field of immunotherapy.
MabDesign has created a national intelligent directory of immunotherapy stakeholders, available online at; organizes each year several local and international scientific events with high level experts in the field; writes prospective reports on topics that are strategic for the industry; and implement state-of-the-art training programs to maintain the industry sector with the skills necessary to remain competitive.
MabDesign supports the development and competitiveness of companies through personalized marketing analysis, specific support for business development and technological and commercial surveys. Finally, to promote the development and production of biomedicines on the territory, MabDesign is involved in various government actions dedicated to bioproduction.
In operation since September 2015, MabDesign already has over 130 member companies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, service providers, training organizations and equipment manufacturers on the front lines of technological innovation.
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