LigronBio Inc


LigronBio, headquartered in DE, is a groundbreaking biotechnology company, harnessing the power of its innovative platform, CELGIDEAM. Integrating computational chemistry, bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), LigronBio is at the forefront of discovering rational molecular glues for challenging undruggable targets in human cancer and CNS therapy, addressing unmet medical needs. Through this platform, we employ computational tools to design compounds that modulate protein-protein interactions, leading to the formation of ternary complexes for targeted protein degradation A notable strategy includes the introduction of the L-tag assay, an innovative method for spatial distribution analysis within ternary complexes and assessing effects on protein ubiquitination. This assay enhances our understanding of the intricacies of molecular interactions, facilitating the optimization of drug development processes. Committed to addressing unmet medical needs, LigronBio recently achieved a significant milestone by identifying a lead compound with direct activity on RAF1. This breakthrough is a testament to the success of our rationally designed approach holding tremendous promise for the treatment of multiple cancers. The company's mission is to drive biotechnological innovation, contribute to precision medicine, and bring transformative therapies to the forefront, enhancing patient outcomes and addressing crucial challenges in oncology and CNS disorders.