Infinity Bio


Infinity Bio provides Antibody Reactivity Profiling as a service. Our various DNA-barcoded antigen libraries provide cost effective and comprehensive analyses of circulating antibody responses to infections, vaccinations, self-antigens and allergens.

  • Proteome: HuSIGHT contains over 16,000 full-length human proteins and/or peptides covering all human open reading frames for comprehensive detection of auto-reactivities against self-proteins (autoimmune responses).
  • Virome: VirSIGHT is made up of peptides (>285,000) covering all known human viruses for a comprehensive assessment of immune responses to past and ongoing infections, as well as vaccines.
  • Allergome: AllerSIGHT features peptides covering all known protein allergens (food and environmental) for comprehensive allergic antibody detection (both IgG and IgE analyses are available).
  • Custom: Our proprietary method allows for the rapid and flexible content customization. Infinity Bio can design and create customer specific peptide libraries against any target of choice