Ignyte Bio was founded by the leaders in Immune cell sourcing. The team set the industry standard for research grade isolated immune cells and high-level technical support. Ignyte Bio’s mission is to help researchers spend more time on discovery and innovation and less time sourcing well characterized immune cells.
Ignyte Bio is pioneering bio sourcing through:
  • Developing ready to use immune cells like expanded NK cells, induced T Regs and an array of T cells specific to antigens like gp100, HPV, MART-1, Tyrosinase, NY-ESO-1, MUC-1, CMV and EBV.
  • Amazon™ like e-commerce site with search features, real time inventory and overnight shipping. Check out: www.ignytebio.com/shop
  • Certificate Analysis: Detailed Certificate of Analysis includes donor and product characterization including functional data for most products. The lot specific C. of A is at your fingertips for review (no sign up or log in necessary) before deciding to buy. Thereby, eliminating pilot studies for donor selection.
  • Support: The researcher’s experience is supported by high level technical and sales support.