Eviogen Discovery


Eviogen Discovery is an innovation-driven Contract Research Organization (CRO), that provides comprehensive integrated drug discovery services and customized bio solutions to Pharma, Biotech, Life-science industry, and research organizations. Eviogen’s Integrated drug discovery platform can confidently advance your program from the pre-clinical to the clinical phase. Eviogen offers scientific collaboration and services for target ID and validation, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, in-vitro safety, and toxicology studies that will position your program with the best chance for success. Eviogen Discovery provides integrated drug discovery services–from target discovery to lead candidate selection with flexible business models (FFS or FTE)–in partnership with start-ups as well as leading drug discovery companies. With a team of experienced chemists and biologists, Eviogen offers support to start-ups and established biotech and big pharma companies to translate a therapeutic molecule from the pre-clinical to the clinical arena.