Differentia Biotech


Differentia provides modeling & simulation services to biopharmaceutical companies delivering knowledge-based insights to improve drug development outcomes. Backed by our proprietary data pool and cutting-edge AI/ML analytics, we empower you to accelerate drug development and shape the future of healthcare. We provide services across all modalities, therapy areas and stages of the drug development process such as:

  • Target identification and validation
  • Model-supported lead optimization and candidate selection
  • Best-in-class property identification and competitive benchmarking
  • Preclinical services

  • Model-based characterization of therapeutic index
  • Prediction of human efficacious dose and safe starting dose
  • Model-based design of preclinical and phase I studies
  • Translational services

  • Population PK and PD analysis
  • Selection of RP2D and design of clinical Phase II/III trials
  • Patient stratification and biomarker selection to enable precision medicine
  • Model-based design of clinical studies
  • Clinical services

Our mission is to enable biopharmaceutical companies through knowledge-empowered modeling, leveraging proprietary data and AI/ML analytics for a deeper understanding of biological systems. Our services accelerate the discovery and delivery of safe and effective therapies that improve healthcare outcomes worldwide.
Are you ready to accelerate drug development with a higher success rate? Contact us to discover how Knowledge-Empowered Modeling and Simulation can improve your drug development outcomes!