Deeptope’s expertise consists in characterizing antigen / antibody interactions and optimizing antibodies. Our methodology is based on the use of high throughput in vitro mutagenesis data.  In the context of molecule development, we provide in short time frames (6/8 weeks) for  

Epitope mapping :  

o Data equally reliable whether the epitope is conformational or linear,  

o Accurate to the nearest amino acid,  

o Prediction of cross reactivity,  

o Economies of scale (the same antigen single-mutant library can be re-used for several antibodies).  

Paratope mapping :  

o In vitro functional data (customizable parameters : antigen species, off target, temperature, pH),  

o Accurate to the nearest amino acid,  

o Comprehensive, reliable, robust and reproducible.  


o A 360 screening, via the identification of all mutations of interest  (Ex: Modulation of affinity, cross-reactivity, selectivity; pH switch; Improvement of thermal stability; Humanization / hyperhumanization; De-immunization; Suppression of undesirable motifs …), 

o A simultaneous multi-parametric process, which allows the identification of an optimized sequence as well as the associated family of variants (IP protection),  

o Definitive and comprehensive results.